In addition to our vast video on-demand library, we also have specific packages that can be purchased as a one off, if monthly subscriptions aren't for you.

Ski Fit video package

Ski exercises combining with fitness yoga, a HIIT workout with mindfulness will help you in the following ways:
Enhanced balance
+ Increased stamina and endurance
+ Improve core strength
+ Enhance flexibility and range of movement
+ Strengthen back, quads, glutes and calves
+ Improve concentration – more focus, less stress
+ Assist muscle recovery by releasing soreness and tension in the muscles
+ Avoid injury
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Skier doing yoga in the snow
People stretching after a run

Runners video package

Time is precious and training for your next race or event can be time consuming. Our online yoga course for runners offers over 40 yoga videos (over 10 class hours) online.

The classes focus on the following:
+ Stretches for runners within core muscle groups; building a stronger core, ankles and feet
+ Greater strength and flexibility to the glutes
+ Release tight hip flexors, quads, calves and hamstrings
+ Improve range of motion,
+ Release tight muscles to run more easily and injury free

Videos range from 5 - 60 minutes

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Tone Up video package

This programme offers yoga conditioning, HIIT classes and strength  yoga, geared to change your body shape for the better! Finding a short daily routine will help.

Package includes:
+ 8 week training plan
+ 24 short yoga conditioning videos
(8-15 minutes each): This can be used after cardio OR on a day you have little time to do yoga.
+ 12 strength yoga videos (30 minutes each): Most people only want to do 30 minutes of online yoga at a time (ourselves included!). It's a great habit to get into. 100% strength!
+ 12 HIIT videos (30 minutes each): We have included plyometric, Tabata, and cardio HIIT videos

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