It s a question that we are often asked.

In creating My Life Tonic, we (Shannon and I) wanted to share our experiences in ways that we have maintained our own positive mental health and physical wellbeing.

More than just yoga...we call them 'Life Tonics'

Training as yoga teachers back in 2016 gave us more insights into combining movement with breath from both a flexibility, mobility and range movement perspective that helped us continue our sporting interest of triathlons and swimruns injury free.

There have also been the undeniable benefits to our mental health, in that we learnt to be more present, patient and mindful in our day to day lives.

Ever since and to the present, our 'Life Tonics' have broadened to include





Open water

Cold Water


Staying hydrated

Intermittent Fasting

Digital Detoxing

Food and Mood

Mental Health First Aid

As the dictionary definition explains, a tonic is "something that is revitalising or invigorating for your body or mind."

I think it sums up our intention pretty well.

The other reason we thought 'Tonic' worked was that it is something that can be added to something else; bit like a Gin and Tonic.

The tonic can help bring extra flavour and enjoyment to a drink.

It can also be a small addition to our daily routine - one that need not be all encompassing and require a significant change in one step.

There are many ways that someone can make positive changes to their life. Each are as unique as we are.

Through My Life Tonic we aim to introduce various tonics to people so that they can find what works for them, at any one time. Have a look at some of the posts on our website to explore different Tonics that you could introduce into your daily routine.