Over the last few months staff wellbeing, both mental and physical, has become a focus for companies and organisations around the country. With colleagues working from home, organisations can still encourage health and wellbeing by offering a regular yoga practice online for all colleagues to access.

Wherever you are based, it’s more important than ever to stay active and to reap the mental health benefits and physical benefits of regular yoga classes. As a yoga teachers, providing yoga in the workplace, it’s imperative that the classes are suitable for all levels to ensure maximum engagement.    

Top tips to improve your workday

+ Move more!
+ Try to mix up sitting and standing at your desk.
+ Hydrate often, which will also encourage you to get up from your desk.
+ Look at your desk set up.
+ How does your back and neck feel?
+ Try standing when on calls or in meetings
+ Take time to stretch at your desk – check out our 5 videos below that will help stretch your tight muscles    
Yoga poses

Bulk Subscriptions

+ Unlimited colleague access to our live and recorded yoga classes
+ Discounted monthly subscription rate for all employees
+ An ideal option for colleagues that are based over multiple time zones
+ Many live weekly classes – 30, 45, 60 minute classes
+ Live streamed via Zoom, employees can keep screens on or off
+ Yoga styles – vinyasa flow (strength and gentle) and yin yoga
+ Video library (hundreds of videos) which includes short and long videos:  
+ Videos and articles with healthy life tips
+ Yoga courses – yoga for beginners, yoga for kids, yoga for runners, SkiFit, HIIT workouts
+ Programmes – Summer Tone Up and 30 day challenge
+ Launch support provided to maximize engagement with colleagues internally

Private bespoke yoga classes

+ Exclusive online yoga classes for your colleagues    
+ If your office is local to us, we can teach onsite, pending Covid rules
+ Duration – between 30-60 minutes
+ Yoga style – gentle vinyasa flow and desk yoga
+ Yoga level – all classes are tailored for beginners to ensure they are inclusive
+ Colleagues are welcome to turn the camera off
+ Launch support with introductory email and bespoke video provided.

Group doing corporate yoga
Desk yoga and meditation

Private desk yoga classes

+ This session would be online
+ This can be done at the end of a team meeting or can be a stand-alone meeting
+ Duration – between 10-15 minutes
+ Encourage your employees to stretch more at their desks
+ These poses stretch your neck, back, hips – relieving tension
+ Poses also bring grounding and balance to the workday    
10 Benefits of keeping active with desk yoga
1. Engage all or specific muscle groups
2. Improve posture whilst working at the desk
3. Reduce, or help manage, stress and anxiety
4. Improve concentration and collaboration
5. Reduce blood pressure                              
6. Burn calories
7. Improve blood circulation
8. Kick start your metabolism
9. Better blood flow and oxygen to the brain
10. Sleep better    

Find Out More About Our Corporate Yoga Classes
Contact us so that we can discuss how we can support your wellbeing at work initiative and how live yoga classes or online yoga videos can be integrated into the program.

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