Wim Hof has brought a lot of people's attention to cold water exposure and breathing techniques. He states "If we always choose comfort, we never learn the deepest capabilities of our mind or body". We started our cold water journey back in 2004 when we started training for triathlons. I feared the open water and couldn't stand the cold! Over time, it was something we only did in the summer. But in 2020, our desire to experience cold water year round had us fully immersed in research and training, as we just felt better after doing it!

Why Cold Water?

It is the ultimate challenge! Whether it's a cold shower or cold bath, after spending a few minutes in that uncomfortable temperature, you have probably achieved the hardest task of the day! You can do anything after that quick cold shock.

Perhaps you have heard that it improves mental health or change in hormones. Perhaps you want a different challenge. Perhaps you would like to feel more comfortable when open water swimming.
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Studies have shown many benefits:

+ Reducing pain and inflammation physically
+ Helps with exercise recovery
+ Maintains body internal balance (homeostasis)

There is so much more to that! Gradual cold water exposure has the following benefits:

+ Improves focus and mental resilience
+ Trains your nervous system
+ Increases metabolism


We are currently offering a breathwork and cold dipping course in Cookham!

We will use breathing techniques to both feel calmer and also build heat in the body. We will cold dip in an icy tub. We will move to warm up as well.

Next class will start in Sept 2022. Our May class proved popular but we are preparing to go away for the summer so will start again in the autumn.

This class is intended to improve your confidence in the cold water and feel it's benefits. Also, it will help acclimatise you for open water swimming, if you'd like to start that.

It's a nice community. We aren't running open water swimming courses yet but when we do go swimming, you are always welcome to join us!!

Swimmers at Durdle Door, Dorset

+ STA Open Water Coach (Level 2)
+ RLSS Swimming Rescue Award
+ Diploma Cold Water Therapy (online)
+ Wim Hof Fundamentals Course (online)
+ Experienced Triathletes and Swimrunners
+ Triathlon Coach (BTF Level 1)
+ RYT200 Yoga teachers (breathwork)

Swimmers in the Thames