Don't judge a book by it's cover

It would be quite easy to be put off by the title 'The Fitness Mindset' if you fitness isn't your thing.

As you'd expect, the book provides some advice into training regimes, supplements and nutrition to staying hydrated to getting enough sleep that enable people to reach their potential from an athletic performance perspective.

But there is so much more to the book...

What I found of particular interest was the importance of establishing the right framework to facilitate the most effective outcomes.

  1. Establishing ongoing constructive  habits (and stopping unhelpful ones)
  2. Finding what motivates you - 'Your Why'
  3. Coping with Stress
  4. Managing Anxiety and Worry
My why - family, the outdoors and exploring

What struck me was many of the subject areas outlined are very much aligned with the My Life Tonic tips we provide.

Perhaps with less focus on elite athletic performance, but all of the tips help people to reach their full potential - once we have found their 'Why'.

Once you have your why applying your Tonics to meet the end goal becomes more achievable.

And remember - your why is not a specific action, it is what you want to become or what you want to achieve.

For example getting fit and going for a run is the action, but the why may be to be more active or participative with friends or family.

Keeping the why front of mind is critical, particularly when you want to hit the snooze button and grab a few more minutes sleep.

What's your why?

This was a really enjoyable read - maybe something for the summer holiday reading list to help find your why and get inspired.