What inspires you?

At My Life Tonic we try to offer different options for people to find what works in terms of both mental and physical health. We hope to inspire people to make small changes that will help them feel better (deliberately vague as feeling better will vary for every individual).

Both Shannon, Max and I also need to be inspired.

On our recent flight to Portland, at the start of the summer, we shared the back of the plane with a number of GB Athletes heading to the World Athletics Championships Oregon22 (15-24th July).

Hanging out at the back of the plane...

We had the chance to chat with several of the athletes at the back of plane. For elite athletes at the top of their game, they were so open and welcoming to chat with us about their experiences.

There was also a genuine excitement amongst them. It is more than a job. Some of the athletes are not funded but were following (and achieving) their dreams. Best of luck #teamgb and Darren Campbell, Scott Lincoln, Nick Percy, Morgan Lake and Melissa Courtney-Bryant.

Thanks for spending some time with us and inspiring us to follow our own dreams too.