Well that was a fun weekend...

✔ Doing something different

✔Getting out of our comfort zone

✔Being active

✔Spending time with friends

✔Getting off our devices

✔Being outside

✔Getting wet and dirty

✔Spending time in a positive environment

Shannon and I set up My Life Tonic to encourage people to find what works for them - be it physical activities or ways to support your mental health and wellbeing.

We are fortunate that as a family, we both enjoy physical challenges, doing them together and with friends.

Looking After Your Mental Health

A by product is also the positive impact these kind of events have on our mental health too.

Coincidently, as it's also mental health awareness week - it occurs to me that looking after our own mental health need not necessarily sit in isolation with our day to day life.

By integrating various self care tools (listed at the start of this post) we can help at least to maintain a positive mental health. It doesn't need to be an Obstacle Course 'Race' that gives you the buzz or sense of achievement - it really can be anything that gives you that sense of excitement and chance to switch off. (Or be in the moment.....- sometimes it's hard to switch off).

Before you ask, yes, both Shannon and I were stiff for a few days, whilst our 13 year old son seemed to get up on Monday morning without any noticeable soreness....there's been plenty of more gentle yoga classes this week.

Is it too early to think about photo's for the 2023 Christmas card?