Decompress doing something you enjoy

It may sound obvious - but doing what you enjoy can be a great way to help with your mental health. It maybe that have lost the habit of doing 'that thing.'

Release some of the tension you maybe experiencing by doing something you enjoy. It doesn't matter what it is - the main thing is that you are switching off from the things that are causing you the stress or anxiety.

Research shows that by doing what you enjoy can have the following impact

  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Lowering your heart rate
  • Improve your mood
  • Get you interacting with others

In summary, doing what you enjoy takes your mind off things and may give you a different perspective.

Do what you enjoy

  1. Pick up an old hobby you haven't done for a while
  2. Spend time with a furry friend
  3. Get some exercise - yoga, running, dancing
  4. Meet up with friends that make you feel good
  5. Read a book - any book!
  6. Try some Ecotherapy - getting out in nature and the fresh air
  7. Take time to laugh - watch / listen to something funny or go to a comedy club
  8. Work on your strengths - it will be good for building your confidence
  9. Take time to be grateful- try keeping a journal of gratitude
  10. Allow yourself to relax - run a bath, read a book or pick up that hobby again

The above are only suggestions, but may act as prompt to think of something you haven't done for a while and used to get a lot of pleasure doing.

Personally, this summer, for whatever reason I felt in a bit of a funk. I found that by doing something different helped to break the routine and had a huge impact in the way I felt. Shannon and I went on a moonlight open water swim at a local lake. It was a wonderful experience combing some exercise (not much to be honest), doing something different, doing something we enjoy whilst surrounding with like minded, positive people.

It was just the tonic for me.

The key take out from this blog, is to find what works for you and hopefully you will experience a similar uplift in your mental health.