Classic Take On Music And A Modern Take On Classics

Two great nights. Two very different nights.

What's the reason for this post?

Well, Shannon and I aren't particularly musical but over the last week have had the chance to enjoy two very different nights. Getting into town and enjoying some live events has also been a break from our regular routine.

Queen classics by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, a venue that has been hosting live events since 1871. Watching an orchestra perform in perfect unison is always a pleasure and something that mesmerises me.

Abba Voyage, at a purpose built venue, specifically for hosting a concert of holograms was an equally entrancing experience seeing how technology is re-imagining 'live' performances.

What struck me was how music brings people together, across generations and from different parts of the country, and allows them to escape from the daily routine. We hear a lot about being 'in the moment' or 'present' - and both nights enabled us to do exactly this.

Coming together is important and can be a way to help support our mental health. The performers are also doing what they enjoy (there was a live band at Abba so not just the holograms - both were amazing btw). We bumped into some of the orchestra afterwards in a pub who seemed genuinely appreciative that have enjoyed their performance; seeing their love of what they do merely added to the wonderful evening.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what genre of music you enjoy (and this could be any interest from art, sport, acting) - getting out and doing something out of the norm can help give a different perspective and provide a helpful reset.

We often say we are going make sure to get out and see move live music or performances locally. Hopefully this will be the kickstart we need.

What's your tonic?