Over the last month, I've been fortunate enough to be enjoying a road trip across the US with my family.

Unsurprisingly, there have been a few days where there have been pretty long journeys. (In the UK that may be 2 hours, but in the US a long journey is more like 6 hours).

Before leaving the UK, we thought we'd use the long journey's to catch up on few podcasts that we hoped would be of interest to everyone.

Obviously you don't need to be on a road trip to enjoy insightful podcasts.

Don't Tell Me The Score hosted by Simon Mundie interviews a wide range of guests that share their insights into what has helped them (or their clients) succeed in sport and how this can be used in everyday life. Interviews with Sir Chris Hoy, Nigel Adkins, Sir Clive Woodward, Jonny Wilkinson are just a few of the great interviews available.

My personal favourite was Ben Hunt-Davis MBE discussing ways to identify 'Will it make the boat go faster' - partly because of the clarity and simplicity of the message, but also as I went to school with Ben and played rugby with him and it's great to learn a bit of his story.

From a MyLifeTonic perspective, we encourage people find what works from them - from finding regular exercise that works for them, finding time to meditate through to taking small steps to finding ways to help you through everyday.

Listening to podcasts can be one way of continuing to do this....I am always keen to hear of other great podcasts - please share any thoughts.

In my last post I mentioned how going back to school maybe allows us to find more time for ourselves.

Firstly, podcasts are an ideal way to keep learning.

Secondly, I wonder if any of the podcasts we listened to with Max will have sunk in....to be continued.

What's your tonic?