Life long learning

1 Of The 5 Pillars Of Wellbeing

Keeping the mind active need not be purely academic (though this may be a way to keep the mind engaged and provide a sense of purpose at the same time). The process of learning boosts your self confidence and help you to connect with others that have a shared interest.

Doing something new can provide that sense of learning or problem solving; doing the daily wordle, cooking new recipes to taking a course in an area you are interested in. 'Learning' need not seem like some sort of epic task.

Similarly, there need not be an exam at the end of it.

Having a continued sense of learning can help provide a sense of purpose. You have probably come across terms like 'growth mindset' or 'continuous learning' in a work environment but actually it applies in our everyday lives. The difference is that we can choose when, what and how we do it.

For example, if you are a keen kayaker, you may want to take more qualifications based on your skill level, that will show a sense of progression and sense of achievement.

5 Ideas To Continue Learning

Some ideas to to encourage you to keep learning

  1. Cook a new recipe each week - maybe try recipes from different countries or seasonal fruit and vegetables
  2. Try some DIY at home- I know I certainly learnt a lot over lock down when I renovated my shed...I'd like to think I improved over time
  3. Take on new responsibility at work - maybe offer to mentor a junior member of the team, sharing your knowledge
  4. Research something you are interested in - but haven't had time to find out about
  5. Read a book - fact or fiction, read something you find interesting

You can always enroll onto a course to learn a new skill or language or to increase your knowledge in any particular area - there's so much choice out there that hopefully you'll find something that tickles your interest.

Continued Learning - Practicing what I preach

From my side, I've just spent the 3rd of 7 days to gain my NLP Practitioner Certification. It's been a pretty full on, but hugely insightful day.

I've loved the open mindedness of both the other people on the course and the instructors - exchanging thoughts, ideas and insights.  Although, it's unusual for me to be at the desk all day, it certainly was time well spent.

Not only do I plan to apply the learnings and techniques for myself, but to support clients that need some extra support.