Best tips for enjoying cold water safely

Top tips to ensure you enjoy cold water safely (I couldn't limit it to 10!).

  1. Consult a doctor if you have any underlying health conditions (such as high blood pressure, heart condition, pregnancy or asthma).
  2. Start slowly - 30 or 60s in a shower is a great way to start
  3. Wear a wetsuit if need to acclimatise to the colder water (neoprene gloves and socks are also options)
  4. Start in warmer water (summer) and continue into autumn and winter
  5. Ease yourself into the water - control your breathing as your body gets used to the cold
  6. Do it with others - so you can keep an eye on each other and enjoy the experience
  7. Make it social - share the experience with others and keep each other motivated
  8. Don't stay in too long - If you start to feel stiff in the water - then get out and get warm
  9. Go to 'managed' location where there are lifeguards watching
  10. Take plenty of warm clothes for afterwards (lots of layers, socks, gloves and hat)
  11. Have a hot drink for when you get out
  12. Give yourself time to recover - from the cold water and / or the exercise - before you head off for the rest of yoru day

Remember anyone can enjoy the benefits of cold water - it may be that you get to meet a broader range of people that you not otherwise meet. (After all, some of your friends will think you are slightly bonkers for getting into the cold water).

Cold water tub (and old whiskey barrel) - using whatever works!

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