47% of office workers spend over 7 hours a day seated at the desk.

That's a lot of sitting still don't you think?

Also, when you think that many people have 'lost' their commute to work they are probably sitting down for longer without a walk, cycle, run to work.

However much we may have complained about our commutes in the past, it did give us the change to stretch those legs between the home and the office - or wherever you work.

As with most things - little and often is a good mantra to live by. (Be it sitting at the desk or making time to get moving).

So what has replaced the commute when you work from home?

  1. An early morning call with the team
  2. Some quiet time to get things done
  3. Getting some exercise
  4. Dropping the kids off at school
  5. Making that call with colleagues in a different timezone

For many it may seem that the loss of commuting time has been replaced with a longer working day; perhaps despite the best laid plans and intentions.

Whether you are working from home or not, we suggest keeping moving throughout the day.

Take a moment to think how many times have you sat down at the desk and before you know it, it's been a few hours.

At My Life Tonic are aim is to offer ways to keep moving through out the day, that can be easily integrated into your daily routine...

Desk Yoga

Remember - a little and often, or even, something is better than nothing.

You could even turn the camera off whilst on a call you are not 'actively' participating in and do some gentle stretches for the neck, shoulders, arms or legs.

Hip stretches

Why not try some stretches to open up the hips and build strength in your standing leg.

A gentle rotation of the knee from in front of you and out to the side has several benefits.

  1. Strengthens the standing leg from the feet, ankles to hamstrings, quads and glutes
  2. Engages the core to maintain your balance
  3. Helps to loosen tight hips that may have got worse from sitting all day
  4. Relieves lower back pain as you engage core

If you can get this benefit from just spending a few moments standing on one leg - think what regular desk yoga can do to help.

Regular Desk Yoga Classes

Keep an eye out for our regular, free 10 minute Desk Yoga sessions every Monday at 1230.

We often promote on our LinkedIn posts - you can follow Tim here.

We tend to run them during term time.

But you can use the link below to join on zoom.

If you'd like to find out more about how we work with business to support colleagues please do get in touch.

These are some of the ways we support businesses and their colleagues

  1. Mental Health First Aid
  2. Mental Health Self Care Tips
  3. Pillars of Wellbeing
  4. Establsing Long Lasting Habits
  5. Desk Yoga
  6. 'Mat' Yoga
  7. Meditation and Breathwork
  8. Monthly subscriptions offering unlimited access to live online and on demand classes and challenges to keep colleagues motivated