Back to school is something we hear a lot about after long summers holidays - whether you've got away, had a staycation or tried to juggle work, keeping our kids busy (whatever age!) during the holidays can be stressful times!

It's always sad when the summer comes to an end for the kids as they return to school. As much as they may protest, it's a great time for our kids get back into a routine and regularly see their friends.

As parents it's a juggling act, and now, as much as we have loved the extra time with our kids, it can be a little more than disruptive. Shannon and I try to be as organised as possible but there always last minute things that seem to throw a spanner in the works.

The loss of routine

Keeping on top of things can often mean that the one thing that does get dropped in our own self-care, wellness or simply put - looking after yourself. We like to think of it as our 'Life Tonic.' Each of our tonics will be different and are as individual as we are.

What makes us feel good could be anything from spending time reading, taking time to meet friends, doing some exercise, yoga or meditation to playing music or listening to podcasts.

Time for yourself

I'm sure that September will bring it's own new pressures on our time, but hopefully you'll be able to carve some time out for yourself. It needn't be long, but hopefully something you can regularly fit into your weekly routine.

And that's the point really - it's something that need not take long, but you can find time fit into your regular routine.

Maybe some cold water dipping?

'Cold' water dipping

At My Life Tonic we have classes ranging from 5-60 minutes including yoga, HIIT, mediation and desk yoga. We've also recorded a few short videos that may help get more sleep, start the day positively or deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Life may remain pretty busy but hope that are able to dedicate some more time for yourself. Let us know how it goes.

Having taken some time off ourselves we're looking to kick start our yoga classes and get training for few events planned for later in the year. It's been a great break but now to 'get back on it.'

Another OCR race for Shannon
How long will the swimrun's continue?

What's your tonic?