Connecting with others

1st Pillar of Wellbeing

Social interaction with others is so important to us as individuals; be it with friends, family, team mates, work colleagues or the wider community.

In the case of the photo, this a group of people that train (or run) regularly throughout the year and get together every Christmas Eve morning for a 20km or 5km run. It's a wonderful way to raise money for a local charity and also get together and kick of the Christmas period.

Even with our limited French is was clear to see a sense of pride and a celebration of both dance and music. As guests (tourists) it ceratinly felt authentic and not something necessarily put on the visitors to the town.

Not only did we feel more connected with the local community but also did something new. It goes without saying that feeling part of a community is important in our every day lives (not just when we are on holiday) - so connecting with others that share your interests, values is key to establishing a longer lasting sense of community.

The most important things in life are the connections you make in life

Tom Ford

Why connecting with others is important

Interactions provide a sense of emotional connection and sense of community.

In fact, loneliness is one of the biggest factors that can affect our own mental health and wellbeing. Traditionally connecting with others was done face to face, enjoying a hobby with others or volunteering, however, online interactions can also provide the same connection. Certainly through lock down, our son really benefited from being able to connect with friends playing games online.

The key point is finding a community that enable a positive sense of interaction.

Looking for inspiration on ways to connect with people?

Why not try:

  • Dedicating time with your family at mealtimes or during the weekend
  • Catching up with friends
  • Turn off the TV and play a game or cards
  • Have lunch with a colleagues (and try not to talk about work)
  • Visit a friend that may need support
  • Volunteer at a local organisation, charity or sports club that you feel passionate about, or who could do with some support
  • Use technology to keep in contact with people not close by
  • Speak to someone rather than sending an email

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